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Right to Manage Guidance for Tenant Management Organisations

The guidance constitutes a pack of eight constituent volumes. These can be read or downloaded on this website for free, Printed copies may be purchased individually or as a set for 40 (ISBN 1-85112-800-X, Product code 05 HD 03091).

A link to details of how to order from Communities and Local Government publications - see link in sidebar .

Important notes

  • Volume 1: Right to Manage Guidance - Modular Management Agreement for Tenant Management Organisations

If using the links in the Adobe Acrobat pdf of the guidance, use the <Alt + Left Arrow> key to navigate back to your starting point. Or activate the green navigation buttons by right-clicking on your mouse and choosing 'Navigation' as an active toolbar.


To be more helpful, we have provided MS Word formats as well as PDFs of all the volumes.