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Cabinet Office Ministers visit ‘early intervention city’

HM Crest

Cabinet Office Ministers Hilary Armstrong, Pat McFadden and Ed Miliband are in Nottingham today to hear how Nottingham's public, charity and voluntary sectors are making Nottingham an ‘early intervention city’.
The ministerial team will visit a number of Nottingham run schemes aimed at tackling social exclusion including voluntary sector organisations, social enterprise projects and local schools.

Managing New Realities 2007

Hilary Armstrong

Hilary Armstrong speech for the ‘Managing New Realities 2007’ on 5 March 2007– a two day conference organised jointly by the Guardian and Pavilion, attended by a range of policy–makers and frontline practitioners. It focuses on the integrated delivery of health, social care and housing, looking at how we can achieve excellence through partnership with other sectors.

Citizen's Summit at Downing Street

HM Crest

As part of the Government's policy review looking at future challenges for the country, Ipsos MORI have invited some of the citizens who have taken part in regional forums to come to No 10 to debate the issues on public services in more detail. Sixty members of the public will attend the Citizen's Summit at Downing Street, thinking through complex questions on how to shape public services in the future.

Reaching Out: Progress on Social Exclusion

Social Exclusion Action Plan

The Prime Minister, at his monthly press conference, set out progress on tackling social exclusion six months after the publication of the cross–Government Social Exclusion Action Plan. In a presentation, he showed the Government's success in improving lives for the most disadvantaged groups but also set out the challenges in reaching those hard to reach groups, caught in a cycle of disadvantage.

Ministers present policy review emerging themes at Downing Street seminar

HM Crest

The Prime Minister hosted a meeting with Ministers from across government to discuss the themes emerging out of the Government's Policy Review Ministerial seminars. After presentations and discussions, the Prime Minister summed up the next stage in the process and the challenges around the debates on rights and responsibilities, the role of the state and delivery of public services.

Capability Reviews announced for three more departments

Capability Review cover

Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell has announced a further three departments undertaking ‘Capability Reviews’. These are the Crown Prosecution Service, Department of Health and Department for Transport.

The reviews aim to improve the capability of the Civil Service to meet today's delivery challenges and to be ready for tomorrow's.

Government calls for ‘shared responsibility’ for ensuring regulation works for everyone

Pat McFadden

Regulation Minister Pat McFadden called for a new sense of shared responsibility for the way the UK regulates itself, as he responded to a report by the Better Regulation Commission (BRC), “Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?”.

Policy review gathers pace

HM Crest

The Government's Policy Review gathered momentum today with the publication of further documents from the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit providing background to the process. The documents set out major trends, outline some of the government's achievements to date, identify areas where crucial work is ongoing, and set out some of the key challenges for the future.