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Government calls for ‘shared responsibility’ for ensuring regulation works for everyone

Pat McFadden

Regulation Minister Pat McFadden called for a new sense of shared responsibility for the way the UK regulates itself, as he responded to a report by the Better Regulation Commission (BRC), “Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?”.

Policy review gathers pace

HM Crest

The Government's Policy Review gathered momentum today with the publication of further documents from the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit providing background to the process. The documents set out major trends, outline some of the government's achievements to date, identify areas where crucial work is ongoing, and set out some of the key challenges for the future.

e–Government National Awards speech

Pat McFadden

Cabinet Office Minister Pat McFadden spoke at the e–Government National Awards on the 17th January 2007.

Panel of citizens to have their say

HM Crest

The Prime Minister and Cabinet Office Ministers today met with businesses and public sector representatives with proven track records in good customer service to discuss how to take public services through to the next decade. New Ipsos MORI research out today shows how the public view their relationship with the State and what people expect from their public services. This important new insight will inform the questions to be put to the the forthcoming ‘Citizens Forums’ to debate and are part of the Government's Policy Review looking at challenges for the future.

‘Transformational Government: enabled by technology’ progress report

Progress report front cover

The Government today launched its progress report on ‘Transformational Government: enabled by technology’ with the news that at least 551 government websites are to be cut to make access to information easier for citizens and businesses.

Honours list and emblem released

Honours pin emblem

The New Year Honours List has been released and, as usual, reflects and pays tribute to outstanding achievements and services right across the community. This year also sees the creation of a new emblem which is designed to be worn on the everyday clothing of those who have been appointed to the Order of the British Empire.

Government response to the Charter Mark review published

Rogers Review logo

The Government response to the independent report by Bernard Herdan – ‘The Customer Voice in Transforming Public Services’ has been published. The Government thanks Mr Herdan and welcomes the report recommendations.