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This section of the web site is to help you identify the latest additions to the information available from the Royal Commission. News releases, updates on Studies and Reports, and other information will be signposted here.

12 July 2006

Publication of Response by the RCEP to the Advisory Committee on Pesticides's paper on the RCEP'S special report "Crop Spraying and the health of residents and bystanders"

03 April 2006 RCEP announces the next topic for the 27th report
06 February 2006 Interim statement on the Advisory Committee on Pesticide's response to the RCEP special report
17 October 2005 Letter to Ben Bradshaw MP regarding deep sea fishing
22 September 2005 Launch of Special Report Crop Spraying and the Health of Residents and Bystanders
28 June 2005 Royal Commission urges action on marine environment after 'disappointing' fisheries report
24 May 2005 Royal Commission invites evidence for its study on the Urban Environment
01 April 2005 New RCEP Chair appointed
07 December 2004 News Release Royal Commission launches Twenty-fifth Report Turning the Tide - Addressing the Impact of Fisheries on the Marine Environment
04 August 2004 News Release Consultation on pesticides and bystander exposure
16 June 2004 News Release Study of pesticides and bystander exposure
11 May 2004 Launch of Special Report Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source
11 May 2004 News Release Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source
21 January 2004 Job Advert Position of Chairman of Royal Commission for Environmental Pollution advertised
16 December 2003 News Release Royal Commission disappointed with Aviation White Paper
20 October 2003 News Release New Study of the Urban Environment
16 August 2003 News Release New Study of Energy Crops
17 July 2003 News Release Government responds to the Twenty-third Report, Environmental Planning
26 June 2003 Launch of the Twenty-fourth Report Chemicals in Products - Safeguarding the Environment and Human Health
26 June 2003 News Release Reducing the risks from chemicals
16 June 2003 Independent review by IEEP of the Commission's Twentieth Report on Transport
23 May 2003 News Release Building more runways is wasteful
2 April 2003 The Royal Commission's Review of Activities, 2001-2003 (pdf file, 32 pp, 422 Kb)
2 April 2003 Royal Commission consultation on the subject for the next major study - comments by 30 May 2003 (pdf file, 13 pp, 122 Kb)
24 February 2003 Government responds to Twenty-second report Energy - The Changing Climate (link to Defra website)
29 November 2002 Launch of the Special Report The Environmental Effects of Civil Aircraft in Flight
29 November 2002 News Release Environmental Effects of Civil Aircraft in Flight
29 November 2002 Royal Commission responds to the government's consultation on The Future Development of Air Transport
30 July 2002 The Royal Commission's Corporate Plan 2002/03 (pdf file, 19 pages, 327 Kb)
1 July 2002 New Limited Study on Environmental Effects of Air Transport
27 June 2002 New Study on Environmental Effects of Marine Fisheries
27 June 2002 News release Study on Environmental Effects of Marine Fisheries announced
26 June 2002 Royal Commission responds to the consultation Sustainable Farming and Food
11 April 2002 New Commission Members announced
28 March 2002 Review of the Nineteenth Report - Sustainable Use of Soil published
21 March 2002 Report launch Royal Commission launches Twenty-third Report Environmental Planning
21 March 2002 News release Royal Commission calls for radical change in the way we plan our environment
18 March 2002 Royal Commission responds to the Planning Green Paper
11 December 2001 Review of Activities 2000/01 (PDF file, 1.8 MB)
31 October 2001 Royal Commission responds to the second DEFRA consultation on provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive
26 October 2001 Royal Commission responds to the Policy Commission on the future of farming and food consultation
24 October 2001 News release - Royal Commission finds chemicals regimes ineffective
24 October 2001 Royal Commission seeks evidence for Chemicals Study
26 April 2001 RCEP responds to DETR consultation on EC White Paper on Chemicals
11 April 2001 Response to government's consultation on aviation
11 April 2001 Call for improved wall heat insulation regulations - letter to the Deputy Prime Minister
13 March 2001 Greening Sustainable Development Strategies - European Environmental Advisory Councils statement
20 March 2001 Comments from various bodies on the scoping of the Chemicals Study
8 March 2001 Royal Commission's objectives for 2001/02
28 February 2001 Framework agreement between the Royal Commission and the DETR
7 December 2000 Royal Commission responds to DTI's Renewables Obligation Preliminary Consultation
1 December 2000 Chemicals Study discussion forum is launched
31 October 2000 The Royal Commission's Review of Activities 1998-2000
20 October 2000 New Royal Commission study into the long-term effects of chemicals in the environment
20 October 2000 News Release - Royal Commission to study long-term effects of chemicals in the environment
6 October 2000 Royal Commission responds to Ofgem's Environmental Action Plan
29 September 2000 Royal Commission responds to DETR's Proposals for Amending the Energy Efficiency Provisions, Building Act 1984
21 July 2000 Endorsement for renewable energy sources; letter to the Secretary of State
5 July 2000 News Release - Environment forgotten in the debate on fuel prices
16 June 2000 News Release - The Royal Commission launches its 22nd report - Energy - The Changing Climate
16 June 2000 The Royal Commission publishes its 22nd report (Energy - The Changing Climate)


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