RSAP(01)7 Progress report to end March 2001

RSAP (01)7

Road Safety Strategy

Implementation Progress Report to end March 2001

This is the third of a continuing series of quarterly reports on progress towards delivering the many commitments in the road safety strategy, "Tomorrow' roads - safer for everyone", that will help achieve the Government's casualty reduction targets for 2010.

The report does not cover separate progress and achievements in Scotland and Wales.

The content of each column of the report should be largely self-evident, but the following explanations may be of help:

Item no.

Straight sequential numbering of each item in this report

RSS comm no.

Corresponds to (un-numbered) lists of commitments in the "implementation timetables" at the end of each chapter of the strategy document

RSS para no.

Relevant paragraphs in the main text of the strategy document.


Quoted from the "implementation timetables" as the end of each chapter of the strategy document - or based on what is said in the relevant paragraphs.

Lead branch, dept or agency

DTLR branch acronyms, eg RS1, but otherwise just that of the department or agency.

Lead official

The name of the relevant head of branch

Other parties

The acronyms of other interested branches, departments and agencies

Progress to date

A brief description of recent progress

Next steps

A brief description of planned activities

Target date for next steps

The current target date for completing the activities described under next steps

Target date for all action

The current target year for completing all action for the item. For some, the action is "on-going" and may continue through to 2010 and beyond.

RSS timescale

The timescale indicated in the "implementation timetables" in the strategy document. "a" corresponds to Implement now; "b" to Implement in next 2-3 years, "c" to Longer term intentions. Where these code letters are in bold type, primary legislation is required.