Transport strategy

The Future of Transport
Announced on 20 July 2004 by the Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP, the White Paper looks at the factors that will shape travel and transport over the next thirty years and sets out how the Government will respond to the increasing demand for travel, maximising the benefits of transport while minimising the negative impact on people and the environment.

Final Regulatory Impact Assessments

A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) is a tool which informs policy decisions. It is an assessment of the impact of policy options in terms of the costs, benefits and risks of a proposal. This section lists DfT RIAs.

White papers

List of White Papers

About multi-modal studies

The programme of Multi-Modal Studies arose from the Government's A New Deal for Trunk Roads in England (1998). This proposed studies to develop sustainable long-term solutions to problems identified on the road network.

Future of transport

White Paper - The Future of Transport. The Government's strategy for delivering a modern, safe, reliable transport system is explained in the White Paper and the 10 year plan for transport.

Transport policy

Transport Policy provides information on the Department for Transport's policy development process, including a review of the Commission for Integrated Transport and the white paper: A new deal for transport.

Transport and Works Act

The Transport and Works Act Orders Unit (TWAOU) processes applications under the Transport and Works Act 1992 for powers to construct and operate railways, tramways and other guided transport schemes, and works which interfere with navigational rights.

UK Presidency of the EU

To help meet its goal of a dynamic economy and cohesive society, the EU has developed a transport policy that allows people and goods to move around quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

Transport Innovation Fund

'The Future of Transport' (July 2004) set out our intention to establish a Transport Innovation Fund to give our delivery partners incentives to develop and deploy smarter, innovative, local and regional transport strategies.

The Eddington Transport Study

Provides a progress update on this joint HM Treasury / Department for Transport study.

The Impacts of Climate Change on the Transport Network

This page brings together reports and information concerning the likely impacts of climate change on the transport network.

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