Road safety

This section of the website contains information on the Government’s Road Safety Strategy and its targets for reducing the number of road deaths and injuries by 2010. In addition there is information about Government policies and initiatives and advice for all road users.

Strategy, targets and performance

Including Tomorrow's roads: safer for everyone - the Government's strategy for improving road safety over the next decade.

Road Safety Act 2006

Information about the Road Safety Act 2006.

Child road safety

Guidance, resources and activities for those individuals and bodies responsible for educating children about road safety.

Demonstration and partnership projects

Information on the Department's work with local authorities on road safety demonstration and partnership projects.

Driver and rider safety

Information for drivers and riders.

Economic assessment

DfT estimates of the values for prevention of road casualties and road accidents - for use in the appraisal of road schemes.

Local authority guidance

Road safety information, guidance and good practice for local authorities.


DfT road safety research projects covering the behaviour of drivers and other road users, and measures that can be taken to promote greater road safety.

Safety cameras

Information and guidance about the use and management of Safety Cameras in the UK. Includes an evaluation of the first three years of the safety camera scheme, published in July 2004.

Speed management

How and why the Department for Transport is committed to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities caused by excessive or inappropriate speed on our roads.

Road Safety Grant Challenge Fund Criteria

A fund which can provide grants to outside bodies (other than local authorities) with innovative proposals for improving road safety and reducing casualties.

Road safety grants

Webchat with the road safety minister

Dr Stephen Ladyman took part in a live webchat about road safety issues.

13 November 2006

Combating drink-driving - next steps

Consultation paper.

03 January 2006

Government's response to the Transport Committee's report on traffic law (145 kb)

This document (CM 6442) is the Government's Response to the Transport Committee's Report on Traffic Law and its Enforcement, which was published on 31st October 2004.

31 May 2005

RSAP(01)7 Progress report to end March 2001

Implementation Progress Report to end March 2001.

31 May 2005

Implementation report to end June 2002 (57 kb)

Implementation report to end June 2002 (spreadsheet).

31 May 2005

Email contacts

Road safety email contacts

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