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The London Challenge
London's Schools Celebrating Achievement


Secretary of State sends letter of congratulation to all London Heads following successful Ofsted report

London Challenge is a five-year partnership between Government, schools and boroughs to raise educational standards in London’s secondary school system.

It aims to improve the educational opportunities for London’s young people and make London a world leader in education, as it is in other areas.

The Challenge has three levels:

The Challenge focuses on all aspects of the school system: teachers; students; leaders; and school buildings and environment. More...

Results at GCSE have improved faster than in England as a whole. Between 2001 and 2005:

The project was extended in 2006 to include:

For London students, the London Student Pledge raises aspirations and broadens experience. It supports higher educational attainment by drawing on the wealth of London's cultural, sporting, business, science and other resources.

For London teachers, there are a number of initiatives for development. Funding helps teachers to buy homes. Teach First attracts the best graduates to teaching. The Chartered London Teachers status recognizes skills. Compared with 1997, there are now 5,900 more teachers and 20,000 other staff, including classroom assistants and learning mentors, in London.

For London leaders, the London Leadership Strategy is bolstering the already high quality of school leaders. There is help for new heads and schools that want to develop all their managers.

For London schools, the Government is delivering twenty-first century school buildings, with every secondary school rebuilt or renewed over the next decade. New sixth forms and sixth form centres, as well as 14 Academies are now open. Sixty more are planned to be opened or in development by 2010.

In teaching and learning, London Challenge is helping smooth transition from primary to secondary school, and implementing reform to the education of 14–19-year-olds.