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Royal Marines begin patrols in Helmand Province

19 Oct 06

Within days of arriving in Afghanistan, J Company 42 Commando Royal Marines have deployed into Forward Operating Base (FOB) Price to carry out patrols.

A young Royal Marine of J Company 42 Commando awaits the next lift to Gereshk [Picture: Sean Clee]. Opens in a new window.

A young Royal Marine of J Company 42 Commando awaits the next lift to Gereshk
[Picture: Sean Clee]

J company were deployed by a CH47 Chinook helicopter from the UK's main base at Camp Bastion into Gereshk, a small town in central Helmand.  On arrival the Royal Marines were quickly orientated around the camp, where they will be based for at least the next two months.

Company Sergeant Major Scott Burnie explained how he feels J Company have prepared for the difficult task at hand:

"The lads have worked hard throughout the build up to this deployment which has reflected in their performance since being in theatre.  Having worked with many groups of Royal Marine Commandos the professionalism of the lads is second to none."

No sooner had the Royal Marine Commandos of J Company arrived at FOB Price, been shown where they were to sleep, eat and wash, they were on the range zeroing the various weapons that they'll be using while patrolling not only the town of Gereshk, but throughout Helmand province.

Once satisfied that all his men were fully prepared for the task in hand Major Ewen Murcherson, the Officer Commanding J Company, got his men straight out on the ground for a combined mobile and foot patrol to familiarise his men with Gereshk and its people.

Corporal 'Nobby' Clark, who has recently married with his first child on the way, commented on how he felt about being in Afghanistan:

"Although I miss my wife very much it is good to be deployed in an area where we can make such a difference to the standard of life that Afghanistan has endured under the Taliban regime.  We have trained hard and feel that we are more than capable of coping with any demands placed upon us."