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Key Facts
Local Time GMT -4
Language English
Local currency Dollar (BBD)
Dialling code from UK + 246
GDP 2005: US $3.2bn; US $11,478 per capita


Barbados is the UK's fourth largest export market in the Caribbean. Traditionally the UK has maintained close trading links with Barbados despite strong competition from the United States, Canada and Japan.

Barbados is a small market in global terms yet remains a key one for UK companies in the region. In 2005, UK exports to Barbados were valued at over £55.6 million. Invisibles such as banking, insurance and consultancy are of considerable importance.

What are the opportunities?

Barbados is keen to attract foreign investment, particularly in manufacturing, tourism, technology and construction. The main UK exports to Barbados are:

  • Transport equipment
  • Manufactured articles
  • Food and beverages
  • Chemicals

Barbados will host the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, plus six of the ‘Super 8’ games. UK companies are already involved in developing the infrastructure required and opportunities should be available until early 2007.

How can we help?

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Additional background information on Barbados can be found on the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Source of GDP data: IMF World Economic Outlook Database

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Publication date: 28/06/2006

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