The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) assesses the quality of research in universities and colleges in the UK enabling the higher education funding bodies to distribute public funds for research selectively on the basis of quality.
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Latest news

31 August 2006 - RAE2008 data collection system pilot released

6 June 2006 - RAE team presentations from the May 2006 briefing seminars are available for HEIs to consult

31 January 2006 - Panel criteria and working methods published

Key publications

RAE 01/2006 - Panel criteria and working methods

RAE 03/2005 - Guidance on submissions

What is the RAE 2008?

RAE 2008 is the sixth in a series of exercises conducted nationally to assess the quality of UK research and to inform the selective distribution of public funds for research by the four UK higher education funding bodies.

RAE 2008 will provide quality profiles for research across all disciplines. Submissions from institutions will be assessed by experts in some 70 units of assessment. The main body of the assessment will take place in 2007-08, with outcomes to be published by the funding bodies in December 2008.

More information about the details of the assessment may be found under publications.