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National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) was created in 2004 following a Number 10, Treasury and Home Office review of correctional services. The review identified key gaps in the work of prisons and probation. It also identified changes in sentencing that had led to increases in prison and probation workloads.

As a new single service, NOMS, brings together the work of correctional services. It ensures that court sentences are effectively implemented across organisational boundaries and that the focus is on end to end management of the offender. NOMS will also be responsible for designing interventions and services for offenders that are designed to reduce reoffending and reconviction and protect the public.

NOMS covers a number of organisations, including prisons and probation, to ensure that a range of services are available to adult offenders and to those on remand throughout England and Wales. A range of organisations from all sectors work with NOM to contribute to its aims by providing services which include offender management, custody, community punishments, and programmes and interventions.

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