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4 August 2006

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Species Barbel, Barbus barbus (L.)

Weight rarely 6.4kg (14lb), very few over 7.3kg (16lb)

Length attain 100 cm, very few over 130cm

Age maximum 25 years

Location rivers, occasionally stocked in stillwaters

Behaviour shoaling in small groups, close to the river bed

Preferred habitat fast water, gravel, weed, 15-22oC

Feeding gravel foraging, dawn to dusk, optimum temperature 15oC

Natural food insect larvae, crustaceans, molluscs, small fish

Maturity - males 3-4 years, females 5-8 years

Fecundity 8,000-12,000 eggs per kg of body weight

Spawning times May-July, in water 14-20oC

Spawning gravel, typically 10-40mm diameter

Migratory habits home range 2-20km

Predators juveniles taken by pike and chub


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