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Welcome to the Pesticides Safety Directorate Home Page

This is the home page for everyone who has an interest in pesticides.

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About the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD)

PSD is an executive agency of Defra. We ensure that pesticides in the UK are safe for users, consumers and the environment.

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What are Pesticides?

Pesticides are used to control pests. They help us to grow healthy plants and food.

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Food Safety

We help to ensure pesticide residues in food are not at levels which may cause harm.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

PSD supports and encourages efforts to reduce the environmental impact of pesticides in the UK.

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Launch of new Biopesticides scheme...

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Using Pesticides 

We provide information on the correct and effective use of pesticides including use in the home and garden.

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All pesticides used in the UK must be approved by law. In the UK approvals are issued by PSD.

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Detergents: PSD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for the purposes of Regulation European Community (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergents, which came into force on 8 October 2005. Detergents home page

Latest News

Immediate Revocation of Uses for some Products Containing Carbendazim due to Reduced Maximum Residue Levels

29 June 2006:  This update advises of the immediate revocation of a number of products containing carbendazim due to reduced maximum residue levels.

Pesticide Poisoning of Animals Report 2005

4 July 2006: More detailed information to accompany the Pesticide Poisoning of Animals Report 2005 is published.

Enforcement Action Taken Against a Horticultural Retailer

29 June 2006: The Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) has recently taken enforcement action against a horticultural retailer in the North West of England, for the unlawful sale, supply and advertisement of pesticide products.

IRAG - UK 16th meeting minutes

21 June 2006 - The Minutes of the 16th meeting held at CSL, York Thursday 27th April 2006 have now been published

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Annual Report 2005/06 News Release

16 June 2006: Publication of PSDs Annual Report and Accounts 2005-06 and News Release.

Pesticides Forum Annual Reports

23 June 2006: The Pesticides Forum has published its 2005 Annual Report.  The Report summarises the Forum’s work during the past year.

Minutes of ACP 319 held on 09 May 2006

24 May 2006: The minutes for the 319th ACP meeting held on 9th May 2006.

Proposed 2007 UK Monitoring Plan

24 May 2006: The Pesticide Residues Committee's draft proposed UK Monitoring Plan for Pesticides Residues in Food for 2007 is now available for comment.

PSD's Business Plan

15 May 2006: Publication of PSD's Three Year Business Plan 2006-2009 (Year 1: 2006/7) and Ministerial Statement Announcing PSD's Targets for 2006-2007.

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