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Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution  

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

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was launched on 22 September 2005

The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution is an independent standing body established in 1970 to advise the Queen, the Government, Parliament and the public on environmental issues. About the RCEP outlines the Commission's history, how it interprets 'pollution', how it selects topics for study and how its work is conducted. The Chair is Sir John Lawton, previously chief executive of NERC, who assumed the chair of the RCEP on 1 April, 2005. In addition, a number of Commission Members have been re-appointed for a further term and several new members have been appointed to the Commission.

The Commission's advice is mainly in the form of reports which are the outcome of studies. The current study is on the Urban Environment. The next study the Commission will be undertaking is on the environmental effects of novel materials and applications. The Commission is currently consulting on the scope of this study. The previous study the environmental effects of marine fisheries was completed in December 2004. The Commission's 24th report, the long-term effects of chemicals in the environment, was launched in June 2003. Prior to that, the Environmental Planning report was launched in March 2002. In June 2000, the Commission published its report on energy and the environment (Energy - The Changing Environment). The Commission have recently produced (December 2004) a summary booklet of the 21st report, Setting Environmental Standards, the full report of which was launched in 1998. The Government's response to the Commission's reports can be viewed on the Defra website. The government response to the the environmental effects of marine fisheries was released on May 24th 2006, and can be view on the sustainable fisheries pages of the Defra web site. Occasional news releases or statements are issued on matters the Commission considers specially important or which arise out of its studies.

The Commission has also undertakes special studies on specfic topics and a report on crop spraying and the health of residents and bystanders report during 2005 was published on the 22nd September 2005.The previous special study was on the use of biomass as an energy source that was completed in May 2004.The first special study was on the Environmental Effects of Civil aircraft in Flight and was published on 29 November 2002.

Commission Members are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. Following the Commission's monthly meetings, the Meeting Minutes are published. A full-time Secretariat supports the Commission's activities - see Contacting us.

Site development is ongoing; check What's new for the latest developments with regards to studies, consultations and news releases.

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