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Financial Planning Quiz
Aim: help people identify their goals and priorities

What should be in your financial plan?
Everyone is different, so everyone needs a different plan. But, at similar stages in life, we often have similar goals and prioirities. Try our quiz for suggestions on what should be in your financial plan.

For each group of statements, choose the one which most closely fits you.

1 Ways and means
A Whatever I do, I always owe money to someone!
B I can pretty much afford whatever I want.
C I wouldn't call my lifestyle extravagant, but I get by.
D By the end of the month, I'm raiding the coffee jars for loose change!

2 Talk of money spent
A I have a rough idea of my income and spending.
B I have no idea where my money goes.
C I can tell you what I get and how I spend it down to the last penny!

3 All work...
A I'm an employee.
B I work for myself.
C Thankfully, I'm retired!
D No job at present.

4 All in the family
A Footloose and fancy free - that's me!
B Just the two of us.
C Mothercare and Early Learning Centre must make a fortune out of us.
D Whoever said children get more difficult as they get older was right!

5 The truth please...
A I'm in my 20s
B Over 30
C Over 40
D Over 60

6 Home sweet home
A I hope to buy my own home soon.
B I have a mortgage.
C Mortgage paid off - it's mine, all mine!
D None of the above.

7 Where there's a will
A Have a will? No, I'm far too young for that.
B My will is in order and bang up to date.
C I did make a will - not sure quite when that was.
D I've always meant to make a will, but never got around
to it.

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This page reviewed 5 May 2006
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