Blue Plaques

Two men holding a Bue PlaqueBlue plaques celebrate great figures of the past and the buildings that they inhabited.

They open a window into another time by showing us where the great and the good have penned their masterpieces, developed new technologies, lived or died.

History of Blue Plaques

Blue plaque for the astronomer Sir Norman Lockyer
The blue plaques scheme has been running for nearly 140 years and is one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

Design and Manufacture

Blue plaque being manufactured
The exact form of the blue plaque, as we see it now, was a relatively late development.

How the Scheme Works

Will Self and Lloyd Grossman lean out of a window next to an unveiled blue plaque
English Heritage receives about 100 suggestions for blue plaques each year from members of the public.

Selection Criteria

Nelson Mandela looking at an unveiled blue plaque
Criteria used in the evaluation of suggestions for commemorative plaques in London and Merseyside.

London Blue Plaques

A blue plaque set on a curved wall
Find a Blue Plaque in London with this alphabetical list.

National Scheme

Blue plaque against a background of photos
Due to the popularity of the London Scheme, English Heritage launched a national plaque scheme in 1998.

Propose a Plaque

Prototype blue plaque to Michael Faraday
How to propose a Blue Plaque and selection criteria.