Conservation of Albert Memorial English Heritage offers advice and information on a number of issues ranging from  maintenance of historic buildings through to promoting characterisation.

We also work on a number of conservation projects which you can find out more about on these pages.

Built Environment

Rooftops and gables
English Heritage offers technical advice on all aspects of historic buildings.

Places of Worship

Liverpool cathedral steeple
Places of worship are a priceless part of England's built heritage.

Conservation Principles

Conservation Principles
To inform and advise all those involved with the sustainable management of England’s historic environment.

Historic Parks & Gardens

Red dahlia from Belsay Hall
English Heritage manages a number of historic parks and gardens.

Collections and Interiors

Stone rose decoration
Care of collections on site is managed by site managers and custodians at our properties with collections.

Conservation of Cemeteries

Conservation and management of cemeteries thumb
The first-ever guidance on the conservation and management of cemeteries.

Fire Research Database

Building on fire
Enables all those responsible for historic buildings to share information on fire safety.

Polychrome Stone Audit

Colour chart polychrome auditing tool
A record of EH architectural fragments which retain traces of their original painted decoration.

Conservation Areas

Aerial view of ludlow
The streets and buildings of our towns and villages are part of the historic character of England.

Informed Conservation

View of the Thames skyline at Waterloo
Illustrated case studies of key aspects of some of England's historic cities.

Conservation Links

Row of books
Links relevant to the Conservation section of the English Heritage website.

Conservation Bulletin: Issue 51

Con Bull 51
E-HERITAGE: Issue 51, Spring 2006