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Crime statistics

Crime statistics

We closely measure and analyse crime statistics to gauge overall crime trends, work out whether our initiatives are improving crime rates and to measure crime's impact on individuals and society.

Visit the Crime Statistics website

The Crime Statistics website provides a wealth of in-depth crime data, including figures on crime in your region, and more detailed information on how we measure crime:


How we measure crime

Police records are one data source we use to measure crime rates. However, these statistics alone don’t paint an accurate picture because many crimes are not reported to police.

Since 1982, we’ve analysed the annual British Crime Survey (BCS) in conjunction with police recorded crime figures to get a more accurate picture of UK crime.

The BCS is regarded as the most reliable indicator of long-term crime trends because it asks people about their actual experiences of crime. It’s also useful for gauging public feeling because it measures how much people fear crime and how they try to avoid it.

Crime in England and Wales is an annual publication combining results from the British Crime Survey with police recorded crime figures to give a picture of crime across the country that’s as comprehensive as possible.

A snapshot of crime in 2004/05

Here are some significant crime statistics from our most recent research, Crime in England and Wales 2004-2005:

  • overall crime has fallen by 7% since 2003/04
  • crimes recorded by the police also decreased by 6% from the previous year
  • the risk of becoming a victim of crime remains at a historic low of around 24%

View the full Crime in England and Wales 04/05 report.