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The police

The police

The UK police service is a modern, responsive institution responsible for building safer and more secure communities for all of us.

Today's police service

The police service is made up of a number of different kinds of police personnel to help meet the challenges of policing today, including:

  • Regular Police Officer  - regular officers have full police powers and make up the majority of the police service
  • Special Constable  - Specials are part-time volunteer officers who have full police powers, but who also have their own full-time jobs too
  • Police Community Support Officer  - PCSOs are full-time staff with partial police powers who are focused on community safety and deterring anti-social behaviour

How the police service works

In this section you'll get a look inside the police service - how it is run, its priorities, its powers and what makes policing such a rewarding career.

Explore this section:

  • About the police

    Find out more about how the police service works, how it’s boosting diversity in the service and the plans for future reform

  • Police powers

    Police officers have a range of powers so they can protect our communities from harm. Learn more about your rights and obligations

  • Police recruitment

    Think you’ve got what it takes to be a police officer? Find out more about the different police roles

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