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e-Strategy - 'Harnessing Technology: Transforming learning and children's services'
download the pdf - e-Strategy - 'Harnessing Technology: Transforming learning and children's services'

On 15 March 2005, the Department for Education and Skills published the e-Strategy 'Harnessing Technology: Transforming learning and children's services'.

This strategy describes the use of digital and interactive technologies to achieve a more personalised approach within all areas of education and children's services. It is an ambitious strategy covering all sectors for the next five years and beyond.

The aim in five years time, by using a more strategic approach,  is to build the common ground that brings all our education and children's services to the critical baseline of being able to use the technology effectively.

In ten years, building on the newfound capabilities of our workforces, our newly skilled graduates, and our new appetite for innovation, we could be anywhere - if we have the ambition and the imagination to go there.

The strategy sets out to achieve four overarching objectives:

It is designed to harness technology to the needs of children, learners, parents, teachers, carers, employers and all our stakeholders. We are only able to do this if we are clear about what we want as well what we need, and how by using ICT this will be achieved.

The e-Strategy also has the following six priorities:

These are underpinned by a number of system wide and sector specific actions applying to the schools, 14-19 and lifelong learning, HE and Children's services sectors.

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