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Statistics Commission
Provides independent advice on the quality, integrity and relevance of National Statistics

Extract from the Framework for National Statistics:

The Statistics Commission will play a key role in advising on the quality, quality assurance and priority setting for National Statistics, and on the procedures designed to deliver statistical integrity, to help ensure National Statistics are trustworthy and responsive to public needs. It will be independent of both Ministers and the producers of National Statistics. It will operate in a transparent way with the minutes of its meetings, correspondence and evidence it receives, and advice it gives, all normally being publicly available for scrutiny.

The main function of the Statistics Commission is to give independent, reliable and relevant advice on National Statistics to Ministers and, by so doing, to provide an additional safeguard on the quality and integrity of National Statistics. In discharging its responsibilities, a key requirement will be to establish itself as a source of high quality and independent advice on statistical issues. Its advice will be made available to the wider public who must be able to rely on it as both considered and impartial.

The Statistics Commission is independent and, as such, has freedom in the way it operates, subject to the requirements laid down in this Framework Document and any framework document specific to the Commission. This includes flexibility to determine how it spends its resources, and how it selects and deploys its secretariat.

The Statistics Commission will ensure that satisfactory systems are in place for the effective delivery of its role in monitoring and advising on the quality and integrity of National Statistics. It will operate in a transparent and open way - making its operations publicly available for scrutiny. It will be responsible for the use of its resources.

This page last revised: Wednesday 28 January 2004

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