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Data Sharing for Statistical Purposes: A Practitioners' Guide to the Legal Framework
This Guide is intended to help statisticians understand the legal framework for the essential statistical activity of sharing data. It should help establish the availability in law, or otherwise, of data resources for the purposes of the Government Statistical Service and other producers of Official and National Statistics.

Government's response to Statistics Commission's comments on the National Statistics Annual Report 2002/03 and Work Programme 2003/04 - 2005/06 (42Kb word file)

Signed Article by Len Cook on Economic Revisions (159Kb pdf)

National Statistics Annual Report
This report describes the work carried out during the last financial year on those official statistics that have been designated as 'National Statistics'. It is a high-level assessment that compares performance against plan. It allows stakeholders such as Ministers and Parliament to assess how well National Statistics is meeting its overall aims and objectives, and what progress has been made over the past year in meeting the specific plans set out in the preceding Work Programme. From 2003 onwards, this report has also incorporated the National Statisticianís annual report on compliance with the National Statistics Code of Practice.

Framework Document for National Statistics (Operational from June 2000) (171Kb pdf)
The Framework for National Statistics describes the governance and administration arrangements for National Statistics, sets out the aims and objectives of National Statistics, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the major participants - Ministers, the Statistics Commission, the National Statistician, and Heads of Profession for Statistics. The Framework also describes the equivalent governance arrangements for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Initial Scope of National Statistics (June 2000) (129Kb pdf)
Lists those items originally chosen to be National Statistics.

National Statistics Work Programme
The Work Programme sets out the strategic aims and objectives for National Statistics and describes our workplan for the next three years. This high-level look forward is now published biennially and is of particlular interest to key stakeholders such as the Statistics Commission and the user community. It brings together the key elements of statistical work programmes across government and reflects the needs of users gleaned from public consultation.

Statistics Green Paper (February 1998) - Statistics: a matter of trust
Outlines the Government's initial proposals for improving the quality of official statistics.

Statistics Green Paper - A Summary of the consultation exercise 24 February - 31 May 1998 (353Kb pdf)

Statistics White Paper - Building trust in statistics (October 1999).
Details the accountability and governance arrangements for National Statistics.
Download cover (29Kb pdf)
Download parts i-iv (112Kb pdf)
Download p.1-23 (147Kb pdf)

Concordat on Statistics between the UK Government and devolved administrations (December 2001) (19Kb pdf)

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