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Serving the public / Omnibus Survey

The Omnibus Survey

The Omnibus survey was set up in 1990 and now runs 12 times a year.

- Background
The Omnibus Survey is a multipurpose survey developed by the ONS to be a fast, cost-effective and reliable way of obtaining information on a variety of topics too brief to warrant a survey of their own.

- Sample
The Omnibus sample is a random probability sample stratified by region.

- Data Collection
In the future the Omnibus survey will be carried out 12 times a year and from beginning to end the survey period will last fourteen weeks.

- Topics
The survey is different from all other social surveys in that each month it is composed of separate modules.

- Classificatory Variables
The Omnibus survey collects a range of both household and individual classificatory variables. These variables have recently been reviewed and are being extended to improve the depth of data available from the survey.

- Costs
New modules on the Omnibus survey are costed on a per question basis.

- Press Releases and Reports
A number of reports are produced each year using Omnibus data.

- Data
Data from each module is deposited with the Survey Data Archive at the University of Essex, one year after fieldwork. The data is suitably anonymised and complies with ONSís policy on the access and release of micro-data.

- Contact
For more information about the Omnibus Survey contact the Omnibus team.

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