About our website

While trying to access a page or download a document I get the following message:'The page you have requested is not available; it may no longer exist on this site or it may have a different address', what can I do?
You can request a copy of the document or report the broken link to the editor, who will normally rectify the problem within 48 hours. It is useful to include the URL of the page that brought you to this error message.

How can I find out about the accessibility features of the web site?
Please visit the accessibility page on the web site.

Do you have an email mailing list for important announcements? If so how do I subscribe?
Yes, you can subscribe to the general mailing list  and at certain times throughout the year you can subscribe for important documents such as the Pre-Budget Report or the Budget.

How do I find a document on this web site?
The treasury web site contains more than 3000 documents from press releases to consultation documents to budget reports and spending reviews. Use the search engine on the top tool bar to use key words to find your document.

Where can I find Treasury annual reports?
The About Us section of the website contains links to many reports.

What is a PDF file and why can’t I open it?
Documents marked .PDF are saved in Portable Document Format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view all PDF files. The Acrobat Reader software is available for downloading free of charge from the Adobe website . The free Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms. For more information go to our Adobe Acrobat help page .
I would like to request a link to my website from yours, how do I go about this?
As the Treasury receives many such offers on a weekly basis it would not be possible to link to everyone of them, therefore it is not our policy to include links to other organisations. In many cases it is acceptable for other sites to offer links directly to HM Treasury. Please see our Terms and conditions for further information.

Topical Issues

Do you have the dates for the next Budget, Pre Budget Report (PBR) or Spending Review?
The date of the next Budget or PBR is announced in the House of Commons and will be announced at the same time on the HM Treasury home page.

Do you have a chart showing inflation an GDP figures and interest rates?
Yes. Go to the GDP deflator’s index .

How can I find out about Money Laundering?
Visit the money laundering section of the website.

How can I sort out problems with my Tax Credit?
If your enquiry is about Tax Credit you need to ring the Tax Credit Help Line on 0845 300 3900.

Where can I find information about careers in the Treasury?
You can visit the  careers page on the web site.

General Information about the Treasury

How do I get hold of information about a particular policy?
You can contact the Correspondence and Enquiries Unit (CEU), they will help you with your enquiry.

Do you have statistics showing a breakdown of how much each Government Department receives? 
Yes, you can find statistics on how Government money is divided between Departments here .

Do you have statistics showing a breakdown of what the Government spends money on? 
Yes, you can find statistics what the Government spends money on here .

How do I contact a Minister?
Information about contacting Ministers is in our Contact Us section.

Where do I find information on Ministers responsibilities?
This information can be found in the Ministerial profiles section.

How do I contact the web team directly?
If you are experiencing technical difficulties or have any feedback on the design and navigation of the website you can email the web team directly.  Please include your full name and contact details in your email.

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