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About National Statistics

'National Statistics' is a quality marker applied to certain of the United Kingdom's official statistics.

Statistics labelled as 'National Statistics' must meet certain criteria. They should, for example, be fit for purpose, methodologically sound, politically independent and transparently produced. All National Statistics are produced in accordance with the 'Framework for National Statistics' and comply with the principles enbodied in the 'National Statistics Code of Practice'. They are reviewed every five years for quality.

- Introduction to National Statistics
The governance arrangements which support the production of National Statistics.

- The Government Statistical Service (GSS)
About the GSS and Heads of Profession.

- Code of Practice
The principles and standards which the producers of National Statistics must follow.

- National Statistician
The UK Government's chief professional adviser, Director of the ONS, and Head of the GSS - the post and the postholder.

- Documentation
Key documents including the Framework for National Statistics, the National Statistics Annual Report, and the National Statistics Work Programme.

- Theme documentation
Key documents from the Theme Working Groups that administer the 12 National Statistics themes.

- Statistics Commission
An organisation independent of both Ministers and producers which advises on the relevance, integrity and quality of National Statistics.

- Producers of National Statistics
Lists of Departments that produce National Statistics, including links to Departmental websites.

- National Statistics products
View the lists of 'National Statistics' outputs produced by each organisation within the Government Statistical Service.


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