Public spending and services

The Government’s long-term goal is to establish world class public services through investment and reform to ensure that taxpayers receive real value for money.  Strong and dependable public services are vital to extend opportunity, tackle social exclusion and improve people’s quality of life. They also lay the foundations for a stronger, more productive economy. 

In this section

Introduction to the Public Spending framework
Delivering world-class public services through investment and reform. Includes information on the Devolved Assemblies 
Parliamentary Supply Estimates
Key documents including Main Estimates, Supplementary Estimates and Votes on Account
Public Investment and Capital Projects
Reversing the legacy of under investment in the nation's infrastructure: Departmental Investment Strategies, the National Asset Register and  Capital Modernisation Fund
Public Service Delivery and Performance
Access key documents and data on public sector performance, including lists of all Departmental Reports and details of progress against Public Service Agreements (PSAs)
Statistics on Public Finance and Spending
Brings together historic data, recent outturn data, estimated outturns for the latest year and the latest Budget or Pre-Budget Report projections and budgetary plans over the whole range of UK public finances and spending.
Risk Management
Improving Government's capability to handle risk and uncertainty 
Spending Reviews
Access the 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004 Spending Reviews, as well as related Public Service Agreements (PSA)