Financial services

The Treasury's financial services objective is to secure an innovative, fair dealing, competitive and efficient market in financial services, while striking the right balance with regulation in the public interest. In this section:

Includes Competition in UK Banking - the Cruickshank Report  
European Union financial services
Publications and information relating to the European Commission's Financial Services Action Plan, a package of measures to improve the single market for financial services
Financial inclusion
Publications and information relating to the Government strategy to tackle financial exclusion in three priority areas: access to banking, access to affordable credit and access to free face-to-face money advice.
Financial services in the global economy
The financial services sector has a vital role in helping the UK and the global economy respond to long-term economic change. The Government has set out a framework for the key challenges ahead.
Financial stability
Financial stablility is crucial to the UK economy and is a key objective for the Treasury. This area includes the Financial Stability: Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of England and the FSA 
Money laundering
Combating Money Laundering: Guidance, consultation documents and details of the Money Laundering Advisory Committee 
The Treasury has overall responsibility for financial services regulation policy and whether the advice and selling of mortgages should be subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Promoting the uptake of pensions
Regulating financial services
Information and legislation relating the Financial Services and Markets Act (FMSA), including the two year review of the Act, and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) 
Promoting savings throughout life: Savings Gateway, Child Trust Fund, Stakeholder Products and Sandler Review
Securities and investment  
Includes Myners Principles for Institutional Investment decision-making: Review of Progress (December 2004) and Recognised Investment Exchanges
UK Listing authority
Objectives and Service Standards for 2003-04

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