The following sites have been developed by HM Treasury or related organisations.

Debt Management Office
The DMO's brief is to carry out the Government's debt management policy of minimising financing costs over the long term, taking account of risk, and to manage the aggregate cash needs of the Exchequer in the most cost-effective way, in both cases consistently with the objectives of monetary and any wider policy considerations.
The official Treasury Euro information resource. On this site you can find information about how the introduction of the euro in the euro area could affect your business, details of euro notes and coins, and documents relating to euro preparations.
Government Accounting Manual (2000 edition)
Featuring the entire Government Accounting 2000 manual, incorporating Amendment 4/05, issued primarily to update Government Accounting 2000 and to take account of policy changes since Amendment 3/03 was issued in December 2003.

Government Accountancy Service
Website for the Government Accountancy Service (GAS).

Government Economic Service
The Government Economic Services (GES) is the largest employer of professional economists in the UK with over 900 people working in 30 government departments and agencies.
Invest to Save Budget
Encouraging innovation and partnership throughout the public sector, in order to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of public services.
Office of Government Commerce
OGC works with public sector organisations to help them improve their efficiency, gain better value for money from their commercial activities and deliver improved success from programmes and projects.
The Red Box
Educational website aimed at 7-16 year olds and teachers.
Resource Accounting manual  (2004-05 edition)
This website features the new version of the Resource Accounting Manual initially published in December 2004. It incorporates all the changes from the previous year (issued April 2004) and applies to the accounts for the 2004–2005 financial year.
Stakeholder Savings website
Here, you’ll find out all you need to know about a new breed of financial products called Stakeholder Saving. The Government has helped design these to make saving and investing a little less daunting.
Whole of Government Accounts
Iimproving government information through joined-up reporting

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