Independent reviews: index

This is a list of current independent reviews. Click on the links below to view and download the documents.

  • Barker Review of Land Use Planning
    The Government announced in the 2005 Pre-Budget Report that Kate Barker has been asked to lead an independent review of land use planning, focusing on the link between planning and economic growth. The review will report to the Chancellor and the Deputy Prime Minister in 2006.

  • Gowers Review of Intellectual Property
    At the Enterprise Conference on 2 December 2005, the Chancellor announced that, as part of the Pre-Budget Report 2005 package, he was asking Andrew Gowers to lead an Independent Review to examine the UK’s intellectual property framework, reporting to Government in Autumn 2006.

  • Leitch Review of Skills
    The Government announced in the 2004 Pre-Budget Report that Sandy Leitch had been asked to lead an independent review to examine the future skill needs of the UK economy. The Leitch Review of Skills has published its interim report, Skills in the UK: The long-term challenge, on 5 December 2005.  The Leitch Review will report its conclusions and recommendations on what skills profile the UK should aim to achieve by 2020 to the Government in 2006.

  • The Cox Review of Creativity in Business
    building on the UK's strengths, published on the 2 December 2005. The review was commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time of Budget 2005 and has been led by Sir George Cox.

  • UK Stem Cell Initiative
    The Chancellor announced the UK Stem Cell Initiative in Budget 2005.  This high-level review, led by Sir John Pattison, was asked to formulate a ten-year vision for UK stem cell research.  See the UKSCI report here and the Government´s response can be found here .

  • Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
    The Chancellor has asked Sir Nick Stern to lead a major review on the economics of climate change to understand more comprehensively the nature of the economic challenges and how they can be met, in the UK and globally. The review will be taken forward jointly by the Cabinet Office and Treasury, and will report to the Prime Minister and Chancellor in Autumn 2006.
    Discussion paper published 31/01/06

  • Graham Review of of the Small Firms Loan Guarantee
    The Chancellor and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry have asked Teresa Graham OBE of Baker Tilly to lead an independent review of the Small Firms Loan Guarantee, to ensure that it is working effectively and that, through SFLG and other interventions, the Government is doing all that it can to help start-ups and small firms overcome the obstacles they face when raising debt finance. 
    Final report published 04 October 2004

  • The Lyons Review - Independent Review of Public Sector Relocation
    Sir Michael has completed his review into the scope for relocating public sector activities from London and the South East and published his final report on 15 March 2004. Government departments identified 20,000 posts that could be relocated as a first tranche. Sir Michael made ten recommendations for taking forward public sector relocation, which have been accepted by the Government.
    Final report published 15 March 2004 and Government response published in 2004 Spending Review White Paper

  • The Barker Review
    'Delivering stability: securing our future housing needs'.  Review of Housing Supply.
    Final report published 17 March 2004

  • The Miles Review
    As announced on the 9th April, the Chancellor has asked David Miles, Professor of Finance at Imperial College, University of London, to undertake a review of the UK’s fixed rate mortgage market.
    Final report published 12 March 2004

  • Wanless Review: Securing Good Health for the Whole Population
    In April 2003, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Health asked Derek Wanless, ex-Group Chief Executive of NatWest, to provide an update of the challenges in implementing the fully engaged scenario set out in his report on long-term health trends.
    Final Report published 25 February 2004

  • Alan Wood Review of European Public Procurement
    As announced in the 2003 Pre-Budget Report, Alan Wood, the Chief Executive of Siemens plc and Chair of the Engineering Employers' Federation's Economic Policy Committee, is investigating how UK businesses fare when competing for public contracts in other EU countries. Firms involved in tendering for public contracts in other European countries are invited to report on their experiences and views.
    Launch date 09/02/04  Closing date 09/04/04

  • Goodison Review – Securing the Best for our Museums: Private Giving and Government Support
    The Chief Secretary has asked Sir Nicholas Goodison to lead a review of the effectiveness and efficiency of support to regional and national museums and galleries to help them acquire works of art and culture of distinction that might otherwise be sold abroad, and to make those items accessible to the public.  This review was announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Budget 2003.
    'Securing the Best for our Museums: Private Giving and Government Support' published 15 January 2004

  • Lambert Review of Business-University Collaboration
    The Government has asked Richard Lambert to examine how the long-term links between business and British universities can be strengthened to the benefit of the UK’s economy. The independent review was announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Pre-Budget Report in November 2002.
    Final report published 4 December 2003

Previously-published independent reviews