Training Aircraft Integrated Project Team
Training Aircraft IPT

Team Leader: Gp Capt Neil Gammon

Business Overview:
The Trg Ac IPT formed at RAF Wyton on 1 January 2000.   The role of the IPT is to provide logistics support to the RAF and RNís Hawk, Tucano, Jetstream, Dominie and Glider aircraft fleets. The IPTL, as project director, is responsible for all aspects of support for these platforms, which includes the management of airworthiness and Engineering Authority responsibilities.  The Trg Ac IPT currently has 93 staff; with 22 staff in the Tucano branch based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.  There are also a small number of Forward Support Team Staff based at RAF Valley and RAF Cranwell.

Business Overview:

The primary role of the Training Aircraft IPT is to provide available, airworthy, capable and sustainable Hawk, Tucano, Dominie, Jetstream and Glider aircraft to meet the needs of our customers; namely TGDA, HQ1Group, STC and ACOS (Av), RN.

Business Objectives:

  • To deliver the agreed logistic outputs to customers, as detailed in the   Customer Supplier Agreements.
  • To control Resource and Capital Departmental Expenditure Limits (DELs).
  • To implement and operate explicit Safety Management Systems as detailed in the individual Aircraft Safety Management Plans.
  • To continually develop TLMPs for all aircraft.
  • To develop Output Management within the IPT.
  • To convert existing Release to Service documents to Generic Aircraft Release Procedure format.

Last Updated: 22 Aug 05