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28 January  2005

Mr. Adam Ingram, Minister for the Armed Forces, recently paid a visit to the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) at Mill Hill to thank all those involved with sending hundreds of thousands of letters, cards and packets around the world over the Christmas period.

The Minister thanked the staff for their conscientious efforts in ensuring that all of the Christmas mail - especially the free letters, cards and packets to operational areas - was sorted, despatched and delivered to Defence personnel in operational theatres and other locations in time for Christmas.

BFPOThe Minister’s visit during January was the fourth occasion on which he has visited Inglis Barracks at Mill Hill to thank BFPO staff. He said:

“It is a privilege for me to be able to come here and say thank you once again, because those of you who have served abroad will know just how important it is to get communication with your families - to receive a Christmas package, or just a simple message from your loved ones is something that is treasured.

“There are many people within the Services who do not understand the scale and intensity of what goes on here at Mill Hill. It only happens, of course, because of people like yourselves doing such a very important job of work. So the reason for my visit here today is to say once again, thank you very much for all that you do, and please keep up the good work.”

Brigadier Peter Maggs, Chief Executive of the BFPO, added:

“It is always a great boost for all of us at Mill Hill when a Minister takes time out of his busy agenda to pay a visit and thanks the staff so openly for their hard work over Christmas. The volume of mail at Christmas was even higher than the predicted volumes that we expected because of the free service to operational areas. We had to draft in additional staff in order to ensure that all of the mail reached Defence personnel throughout the world by Christmas.”

During the month leading up to Christmas, BFPO sorted and despatched almost 120,000 kilograms of mail to operational areas, plus a further 88,000 kilograms to non operational areas, a total in excess of 200 tonnes of mail.


1.  The Free Letter, Card and Packet Service (up to 2kg), which was in force between 17th November – 15th December 2004 saw BFPO (L) despatch 28,130 bags of mail at a total weight of 200,006 Kgs, to BFPO destinations world-wide, of which 44% (10,390 bags / 78,032 Kgs) was for OP TELIC. 

2.  Pre-Christmas e-bluey volumes were in excess of 20,000 a week.

Digital image supplied and reproduced courtesy of Mr Banks.

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