The Corporate monthly Newsletter

December 2005

DLO achievements in2005
CDL Commendations
Top Talk with Tim Flesher
The Rotary Wing Cluster
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November 2005

Russian Submarine Rescue Medals
Top Talk with CinCFleet
Defence Supply Chain Operations and Movements
The Commodity Cluster
[ 6Mb ]

October 2005

Feeding the Forces - Liquid Fuel
Top Talk with CDP
DLO Staff & Hurricane Katrina
Fuel for the Fleet
[ 3Mb ]

September 2005

Submarine Rescue Team
Top Talk with CDL
Getting to know Fort Victoria
Devoted to Devonport

August 2005

International Rescue
Top Talk with Sir Kevin Tebbit. Permanent Under Secretary
Making a splash at Portsmouth

July 2005

DVD Day - Driving with a difference
International Festival of the Sea
Stonehenge rises at Biscester
Bonnie life on the Clyde

June 2005

DLO Achieves IiP accreditation
Top Talk with Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
Meet the DLO Board

May 2005

Supporting Operations
Top Talk with Tim Flesher
Team Portsmouth
Service families  living in 21st Century

April 2005

'One DLO'
Top Talk with General Sir Kevin O'Donoghue, Chief of Defence Logistics
Disposal Services Agency joins the Supply Chain

March 2005

Transforming Logistics at RAF Marham
Top Talk with Tim Flesher
Restructuring News
DLO Staff attitude Survey

February 2005

Harrier Maintenance
Top Talk with new CDL
Apache Helicopter

January 2005

Amphibian M3 Trial
Combined Services Culinary Challenge
Mod Apprentice Awards
CDL Commendations

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