28 July 2005

MOD awards Harrier components contract to BAE Systems

A UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) contract for the provision of structural and mechanical components for Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Harrier GR variant aircraft has been awarded to BAE Systems.

The contract, worth over £30 million, will ensure that a wide range of mechanical components are delivered rapidly in support of front-line operations. Parts will include windscreens/canopies, access panels and undercarriage doors.
The contract includes incentives to reduce through-life costs and provides for joint sharing of benefits between the MOD and industry.

The contract has been awarded by the MOD's Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) and will be managed by the Harrier Integrated Project Team, which is responsible for providing logistic support to the UK's Joint Force Harrier fleet that operates from both land and sea.

Alan Dalton, Business Support Manager for the Harrier Integrated Project Team, said:

"This contract builds upon the substantial savings already achieved through joint working with BAE Systems on the Harrier Pulse-line facility, the Joint Upgrade and Maintenance Programme, and delivers better value-for-money for taxpayers while providing business growth for BAE Systems."

Notes to Editors

1. The MOD is currently replacing the Sea Harrier FA2 on Royal Navy aircraft carriers with the Harrier GR Mk 9 aircraft.  The Harrier GR Mk 9 will be flown by Joint Force Harrier pilots of Royal Navy and Royal Air Force squadrons and will provide the MOD with an improved ability to support worldwide operations.

2. The new Harrier Pulse-Line maintenance successfully moves Harrier GR7 aircraft in a 10-day ’pulse,’ through packaged maintenance activities, similar to industrial car plant manufacturing processes. Under this approach essential maintenance will be combined with upgrading the aircraft to the GR9 standard, which will result in the Harrier remaining in service until the arrival of the Future Joint Combat Aircraft in the next decade.

For further information please contact:
Bob Bates, DLO Secretariat (Strike)
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