21 November 2005

BAE Systems awarded £85 million contract to upgrade FV430

The Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) has awarded BAE Systems the £85 million contract to upgrade 500 FV430s, the British Army’s multi-role armoured vehicle. The FV430 is the workhorse of British Army mechanised units, fulfilling many varied roles including the transportation of people and equipment.
Under the contract BAE Systems will act as the design authority for the upgrades, which will include fitting modern engines and transmissions, designed to improve vehicle reliability, while reducing maintenance costs. The work will be carried out by ABRO. 
Work on the first 50 vehicles will be complete by August 2006, with a further 20 vehicles being converted per month over the next two and a half years.


Notes to Editors
1. The contract will be managed by a BAE Systems Integrated Project Team co-located with the Ministry of Defence at Andover with support from Telford.
2.  For further information, please contact the DLO Press Office on 01225 467148 or 01225 468819/Mobiles 07795 127697/07979 707946


Last Updated: 5 Dec 05