• Acquisition Management System
    The Acquisition Management System is a comprehensive information site embodying the principles of Smart Acquisition (SA).
  • Commercial Managers Toolkit
    The Commercial Managers Toolkit (CMT) is MOD Corporate guidance published by the Commercial Services Group under the authority of Director General Commercial (DGC).
  • MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin
    The MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin provides a gateway to new business opportunities for companies, large and small, who wish to compete for defence business, either directly as a prime contractor, or indirectly as a sub-contractor.
  • Private Finance Unit (PFI) Contracts
    The MOD PFU was established 1st November 2004 to create a single organisation to address all privately funded MOD projects. These projects are know generally know as PFI projects.  
  • Review Board for Government Contracts




Resources for Business


  • MOD public consultations
    Detailed information on ongoing and concluded MOD public consultations, including responses and summaries of the views expressed.

Last Updated: 14 Sep 05