About Us

This section explains the work of the Ministry of Defence, its structure and responsibilities.


There are four Defence ministers who work with the Defence Management Board to ensure that the Department meets its objectives.

Chiefs of Staff

The principal military advisers to the Secretary of State for Defence and the Government and the professional heads of the single Services.

Senior Officials

The senior civilian advisers within the Ministry.

MOD Organisation

Details of the top level structure of the MOD including the role of the Defence Management Board.

Facts and Figures

How much is the defence budget? How many people serve in the Royal Navy? Which aircraft does the Royal Air Force operate? and much more.

The Defence Vision

The key principles which provide the basis for our work.

Key Documents

Defence White Papers, Annual Reports, Parliamentary and other reports.


In 2004 the Ministry of Defence celebrated its 40th anniversary. Read about the people and events that have shaped today’s MOD including Second World War 60th Anniversary.

MOD Photos On-Line

Search the Defence image database for photos of the armed forces in action.

MOD Visits

The Ministry has more than 45,000 buildings on some 240,000 hectares of land across the UK. Many MOD Buildings and locations, including the corporate headquarters in London, can be visited by members of the public. To find out more click this link about visiting MOD properties. To find out about access to countryside areas owned by the MOD, such as firing ranges and training areas, please the Defence Estates website.

Last Updated: 14 Feb 05