The Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) is situated in York, along with the Regimental Museum.

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RHQ's responsibilities are:

  1. The focal point in the Regiment's traditional recruiting area and centre from which the Regiment fosters  connections with civic authorities, schools, members of the Regimental Association, affiliated Commonwealth units and local organisations.
  2. The day-to-day management of Regimental affairs.
  3. The control of charitable trusts and funds belonging to the Regiment.
  4. The disbursement of benevolence and welfare grants from Regimental funds including liaison with the Ministry of Health and Social Security, SSAFA, Army Benevolent Fund, Forces Help Society etc.
  5. Contact with the national and local media concerning Regimental matters.
  6. Support for recruiting, particularly officer recruiting.
  7. The control and maintenance of Regimental property, archives and records.
  8. Support to the Regimental Association and editing of Regimental Journals and magazines.
  9. Management of the Regimental Museum.


Frequently Asked Questions

My relative served with a battalion of the West Yorks/East Yorks Regiments during one of the wars - how do I find out more information on him?

The RHQ holds battalion records and is better placed to assist with these enquiries if the relative's battalion is known. More information may be obtained through the National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Surrey TW9 4DU; Tel; 02088763444; You should be aware that during the Second World War many service records were lost during the Blitz. 



The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire Museum
contains the collections of the current regiment and its predecessors: The West Yorkshire Regiment (14th of Foot) and East Yorkshire Regiment (15th of Foot)

3, Tower St, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9SB
Opening Hours: 9.30am to 4.30pm - Monday to Saturday
Tel:  01904 662790
Admission Charges:
Adults 2 each, Senior Citizens & Children 1.00 each
Click Here to show the location of the museum (Courtesy of Logo


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