Defence Fuels Group

Team Leader:

Business Overview:
DFG is responsible for providing the most effective fuels, lubricants and industrial gas support to operational commanders and supporting organisations across the MOD. This includes fuels handling equipment, scientific/technical policy and advice, fuels doctrine, operational planning advice and depot functions within the supply chain at West Moors & Singapore. The Group is responsible, via the Oil & Pipeline Agency, for the management of the Government Pipeline & Storage System.

The DFG Strategy is based around its status as a Pathfinder IPT. This status requires DFG to challenge accepted practice across the fuels supply chain and look for better ways to deliver support to our customers. Areas of interest include:

  • Improved buying of fuels and lubricants through Vendor Category Management and the principles of Smart Acquisition.
  • The use of innovative e-commerce processes and systems.
  • Developing the potential for buying fuel for other Government & Public Sector bodies under sanction of the Office of Government Commerce.
  • End-to-end fuels supply chain improvement and integration. (E.G. Management of fixed fuels infrastructure, alternative means of distribution & supply)
  • Price Risk Management (potentially through a fuels hedging policy)
  • Optimisation of irreducible spare capacity – extracting revenue from 3rd parties
  • Developing a body of personnel, suitably skilled in the management of the fuels supply chain and business across the MOD, to deliver continuous fuels support.
  • Supporting government & defence diplomacy in the operation of RNSTO Singapore as part of the Five-Power Defence Agreement.
  • Whole Supply Chain Management - Business Processes, Through Life, Business Continuity, Quality & Risk Management & Civil Contingencies planning.

The DFG employs approx. 200 staff, both military and civilian. The DFG HQ lies 9mls north of Bournemouth on the outskirts of the village of West Moors. The DFG’s other operating locations are at Singapore where it operates the Royal Navy Supply and Transport Office (RNSTO) and, inter alia, through the Oil & Pipelines Agency in London. However, DFG operations are global, incorporating ocean freighting to the South Atlantic and distribution activities to operational theatres and overseas bases and facilities.


Last Updated: 22 Aug 05