Your Career


Training in the BreconsJunior Non-Commissioned Officer

Promotion to Lance Corporal

When it is deemed that you are ready for it, you could be nominated to attend your first promotion course for Lance Corporal.

After a short Pre Course held in the Battalion and run by the Training wing, you will go to The Household Division and Parachute Regiment Centralized Courses (HDPRCC) which is based at Brunswick Camp, Pirbright. Here you will undergo a six week course comprising of:

  • two weeks Drill
    The Drill phase is to get you ready for life in the battalion as a Lance Corporal, where you will have to march a formed body of men from place to place in a smart, orderly fashion. On completion of this phase you will move into the next phase.
  • four weeks of Tactics
    Here you will learn low level tactics as well as undergoing a progressive fitness programme as a good Non Commissioned Officer always leads from the front.

On completion of the course, and if you have been recommended you are now ready for promotion to Lance Corporal which gives you more responsibility and of course more money!!

Promotion to Lance Sergeant

After spending some time as a Lance Corporal it is time to move up the promotion ladder again to the rank of Lance Sergeant. This rank is unique to the Guards and was by appointment of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Although there are many courses to qualify you for this rank depending on what job you do within the Battalion, the main course is the Section Commanders Battle Course held at Infantry Training Center, Wales. This course is split into two parts:

  • The first being the Skill at Arms phase where you will learn how to become an instructor on all Section and Platoon weapons.
  • The second phase is the Tactics phase where you will learn all you need to know to become a Section Commander in the dismounted Infantry Battalion.

With this completed and if you have been recommended, you are now ready for promotion to Lance Sergeant and with it access to the Sergeant Mess.


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