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Simple Search

The simple search allows searches to be performed on Ministry of Defence websites. To search for a word or words, enter them into the text box and click the 'Search' button. To search for a phrase exactly as it appears in the text box, check the 'Exact phrase' box before beginning the search.

Simple search also allows the use of special operators to create more complicated search queries. These operators are AND, OR, and NOT. Brackets can also be used to group terms together. For example, the search

mod AND (operation OR campaign) NOT war

will produce results containing only the following word combinations

mod operation
mod campaign

Quotation marks can be used to indicate exact phrases where other search terms are needed and the 'Exact phrase' checkbox would be inappropriate, for example

"apache helicopter" OR "apache longbow"

Certain common words will be ignored if they are entered into the search box, as most pages will contain them. These common words are listed below.

a all am an any are as at be but by
came can did do does etc for get go got had
has have how i ie if in is it its let
me my no of off on say see so the then
there thing this to too what when where which while who
why will with www yes you your

Apostrophes will also be ignored in search queries.


Advanced Search

screenshot 1

The advanced search allows the same operators as the simple search to produce more complicated queries, but only in the first text box. 'Exact phrase', when checked, will look for the exact phrase typed into the search box. To exclude words from search results, enter them in the 'Exclude these words' box. This produces the same effect as the NOT operator.

screenshot 2

This section allows a search to be limited to one or more Ministry of Defence websites. By default, all websites are searched. Use of the checkboxes will allow the search to be limited to specific areas (for example, selecting the 'Army' checkbox will search only Army websites). Individual websites can be selected using the list. If the page is being viewed through a Javascript-enabled browser, clicking a checkbox will automatically select the related websites in the list. If the browser does not use Javascript, the checkboxes will not appear.

screenshot 3

This section allows searches by type of document. A checked box indicates that the file type will be included in the search.


Search results

Search results are ordered by relevance. A page is considered more relevant if the words from the search are found closer together, or occur more frequently. For some searches, sponsored pages will appear at the top of the results list. These are pages that have been nominated by the site administrators as being particularly relevant to the query that has been performed.

The coverage on this search engine is not yet 100% over the web sites that are listed in the advanced search page. This will increase over time, however it is hoped that the service currently returns results comparible with the best Internet search engines.


Browser requirements

search.mod.uk has been tested with the latest versions of all major browsers, including Mozilla 1.3, Opera 7 and Internet Explorer 6. If you are having problems viewing the search in any other browser, a text only version is available via the link at the top of the page.

For best results it is recommended that your browser has javascript enabled although this is not essential.