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W - London Blue Plaques

WAINWRIGHT, Lincoln Stanhope (1847-1929),
Vicar of St Peter's, London Docks, lived here 1884-1929.
Clergy House, Wapping Lane, E1
Tower Hamlets 1961

WAKLEY, Thomas (1795-1862),
Reformer and Founder of 'The Lancet', lived here.
35 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1962
WALEY, Arthur (1889-1966),
Poet, Translator and Orientalist, lived and died here.
50 Southwood Lane, Highgate Village, N6
Haringey 1995
WALKER, Sir Emery (1851-1933),
Typographer and Antiquary, lived here 1903-1933.
7 Hammersmith Terrace, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1959
WALLACE, Alfred Russel (1823-1913),
Naturalist, lived here.
44 St Peter's Road
Croydon 1979
WALLACE, Edgar (1875-1932),
Writer, lived here.
6 Tressillian Crescent, SE4
Lewisham 1960
WALPOLE, Sir Robert (1676-1745),
Prime Minister, and his son Horace WALPOLE (1717-1797),
Connoisseur and Man of Letters, lived here.
Replaces plaque erected by RSA in 1881 to Sir Robert Walpole alone.
5 Arlington Street, SW1
Westminster 1976
WALTER, John (1739-1812),
Founder of 'The Times', lived here.
113 Clapham Common North Side, SW4
Wandsworth 1977
WARD, Arthur Henry
WARLOCK, Peter, Philip Arnold Hesseltine (1894-1930),
Composer, lived here.
30 Tite Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1984
WATERHOUSE, Alfred (1830-1905),
Architect, lived here.
61 New Cavendish Street, W1
Westminster 1988
WATERHOUSE, John William (1849-1917)
Painter, lived here, 1900-1917
10 Hall Road, NW8
(Westminster 2002)
WAUGH, Benjamin (1839-1908),
Founder of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, lived here.
26 Croom's Hill, SE10
Greenwich 1984
WAUGH, Evelyn (1903-1966),
Writer, lived here.
145 North End Road, Golders Green, NW11
Barnet 1993
WEBB, Philip
WEBB, Sidney (1859-1947),
and Beatrice WEBB (1858-1943), Social Scientists and Political Reformers, lived here.
1 Netherhall Gardens, NW3
Camden 1981
WEISZ, Victor, "Vicky" (1913-1966),
Cartoonist, lived in a flat in this building.
Welbeck Mansions, 35 Welbeck Street, W1 (Plaque on New Cavendish Street elevation)
Westminster 1996
WEIZMANN, Chaim (1874-1952),
Scientist and Statesman. First President of the state of Israel, lived here.
67 Addison Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1980
WELLCOME, Sir Henry (1853-1936),
Pharmacist, Founder of the Wellcome Trust and Foundation, lived here,
6 Gloucester Gate, NW1
Camden 1989
WELLS, H.G. (1866-1946),
Writer, lived and died here.
13 Hanover Terrace, NW1
Westminster 1966
WESLEY, Charles (1707-1788),
Divine and Hymn Writer, lived and died in a house on this site, and his sons Charles (1757-1834), and Samuel (1766-1837), Musicians, also lived here.
1 Wheatley Street, W1
Westminster 1953
WESLEY, John (1703-1791),
Evangelist, and Founder of Methodism, lived here.
47 City Road, EC1
Islington 1926
WESTMACOTT, Sir Richard (1775-1856),
Sculptor, lived and died here.
14 South Audley Street, W1
Westminster 1955
WHALL, Christopher Whitworth (1849-1924),
Stained Glass Artist, lived here.
19 Ravenscourt Road, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1983
WHEATSTONE, Sir Charles (1802-1875),
Scientist and Inventor, lived here.
19 Park Crescent, W1
Westminster 1981
WHEELER, Sir Mortimer (1890-1976),
Archaeologist, lived here.
27 Whitcomb Street, WC2
Westminster 1993
WHISTLER, James Abbot McNeil (1834-1903),
Painter and Etcher, lived here.
96 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1925
WHITAKER, Joseph (1820-1895),
Publisher, Founder of Whitaker's Almanack, lived and died here.
White Lodge, Silver Street, Enfield
Enfield 1998
WHITE, William Hale (Mark Rutherford) (1831-1913),
Novelist, lived here.
19 Park Hill, Carshalton
Sutton 1979
and the Clapham Sect worshipped in this church. Their campaigning resulted in the abolition of slavery in the British Dominions 1833.
Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common, SW4
Lambeth 1984
WILBERFORCE, William (1759-1833).
On the site behind this house stood until 1904 Broomwood House - formerly Broomfield - where William Wilberforce resided during the campaign against slavery which he successfully conducted in Parliament.
111 Broomwood Road, SW11
Wandsworth 1906
WILBERFORCE, William (1759-1833),
Opponent of slavery, died here.
44 Cadogan Place, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1961
WILDE, Lady Jane Francesca "Speranza" (1821-1896)
Poet and Essayist lived here 1887-1896.
87 Oakley Street, Chelsea, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 2000
WILDE, Oscar O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900),
Wit and Dramatist, lived here.
34 Tite Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1954
WILLAN, Dr Robert (1757-1812),
Dermatologist, lived here.
10 Bloomsbury Square, WC1
Camden 1949
WILLIS, 'Father' Henry (1821-1901),
Organ Builder, lived here.
9 Rochester Terrace, NW1
Camden 1986
This plaque is in memory of Sir Hugh WILLOUGHBY (d.1554), Stephen BOROUGH (1525-1585), William BOROUGH (1536-1599), Sir Martin FROBISHER (1535?-1594), and other navigators who, in the latter half of the sixteenth century, set sail from this reach of the River Thames near Ratcliff Cross to explore the Northern Seas.
King Edward Memorial Park, Shadwell, E1
Tower Hamlets 1922
WILSON, Edward Adrian (1872-1912),
Antarctic Explorer and Naturalist, lived here.
Battersea Vicarage, 42 Vicarage Crescent, SW11
Wandsworth 1935
WINANT, John Gilbert (1889-1947),
United States Ambassador 1941-1946, lived here.
7 Aldford Street, W1
Westminster 1982
WINGFIELD, Major Walter Clopton (1833-1912),
Father of lawn tennis, lived here.
33 St George's Square, SW1
Westminster 1987
WODEHOUSE, P.G. (1881-1975),
Writer, lived here.
17 Dunraven Street, W1
Westminster 1988
WOLFE, General James (1727-1759),
Victor of Quebec, lived here.
Macartney House, Greenwich Park, SE10
Greenwich 1909
WOLSELEY, Garnet, 1st Viscount (1833-1913),
Field-Marshal, lived in this house.
Open to the public
Rangers House, Chesterfield Walk, Blackheath, SE10
Greenwich 1937
WOOD, Edward, 1st Earl of Halifax (1881-1959),
Statesman, Viceroy of India and Foreign Secretary, lived here.
86 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1994
WOOD, Sir Henry (1869-1944),
Musician, lived here.
4 Elsworthy Road, NW3
Camden 1969
WOOLF, Leonard and Virginia
lived in this house 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917.
Hogath House, Paradise Road
Richmond Upon Thames 1976
WOOLF, Virginia
See STEPHEN, Virginia
WREN, Sir Christopher (1632-1723),
Architect, lived here.
The Old Court House, Hampton Court Green, East Molesey
Richmond Upon Thames 1996
WYATT, Thomas Henry (1807-1880),
Architect, lived and died here.
77 Great Russell Street, WC1
Camden 1980
WYATVILLE, Sir Jeffry (1766-1840),
Architect, lived and died here.
39 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1984
WYNDHAM, Sir Charles (1837-1919),
Actor-Manager, lived and died here.
20 York Terrace East, NW1
Westminster 1962