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Inside the Home Office

Office for Criminal Justice Reform

Our mission statement;

The Office for Criminal Justice Reform is the cross-departmental team that supports all criminal justice agencies in working together to provide an improved service to the public.”

The Office for Criminal Justice Reform(OCJR) supports the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in England and Wales through the major reform process in which it is involved, with the aim of bring more offenders to justice and improving services to victims and the public. 42 Local Criminal Justice Boards lead local action, and the Home Office, Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) and Law Officers’ Departments lead the reform process jointly at national level, through the National Criminal Justice Board.

OCJR is the cross-departmental team that supports all criminal justice agencies in working together to provide an improved service to the public. With effect from July 2004, it is a fully shared resource, reporting on an equal basis to the Home Office, Department for Constitutional Affairs and Law Officers’ Departments.

OCJR’s goal is to deliver the National Criminal Justice Board’s vision that by 2008:
• Victims and witnesses will receive a consistent high standard of service from all criminal justice agencies
• We will bring more offences to justice through a more modern and efficient justice process
• Rigorous enforcement will revolutionise compliance with sentences and orders of the court.
• The public will have confidence that the CJS is effective and it serves all communities fairly
• The Criminal Justice System will be a joined up, modern and well run service, and an excellent place to work for people from all backgrounds.

OCJR’s tasks cover those subjects the CJS departments agree should be undertaken by one team rather than separate teams in individual departments. OCJR is responsible for delivery of the cross-CJS Public Service Agreements to bring more offences to justice and to raise confidence in the criminal justice system. In addition, its detailed responsibilities include:

• Support and coordination of performance management for Local Criminal Justice Boards
• Support for the National Criminal Justice Board
• Management of the CJS Reserve and CJS spending review
• The CJS Information Technology (IT) programme
• Support for victims and witnesses
• A programme of work to improve cross-agency work on enforcement of court orders
• Co-ordinating implementation of the Criminal Justice Act; leading on cross-CJS work on race; compensation for miscarriages of justice and sponsorship of the Criminal Cases Review Commission

Moira Wallace, is the Chief Executive of OCJR; she reports to the Permanent Secretaries of the Home Office and the Department for Constitutional Affairs, and the Director of Public Prosecutions. OCJR does not carry out any work that does not facilitate cross-CJS objectives. OCJR works with Ministers from all CJS departments, who share chairmanship of the NCJB and lead Minister roles for the CJS targets between them.

The senior management team under Moira Wallace consists of:

Jane Furniss, Director of Criminal Case Management
John Suffolk, Director General of Criminal Justice Information Technology
David Evans, Director of Confidence, Customers and Communications
A Director of Performance and Planning will be appointed shortly

Contact details

To contact us regarding cross directorate issues please email: 


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