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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of Government, coordinating policy and strategy across government departments. This website brings together information from units in the Department.

Progress and challenges for the UK

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The Strategy Unit has published an assessment of the challenges and opportunities facing the UK. The discussion paper, ‘Strategic Audit: Progress and challenges for the UK’, shows that Britain has made considerable progress in many key areas, but major challenges remain.

Openness and diversity in the honours system

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Changes to the honours system aim to introduce greater openness and diversity. The Government is inviting people with a wide range of experience and backgrounds to apply for posts on honours selection committees, and encouraging a broader diversity of nominees for awards. The changes are set out in a command paper, ‘Reform of the honours system.’

Advisory Committee on Advertising (ACA)

Advertising on television

The ACA has appointed five new members. The ACA is a group of industry experts providing independent validation that government advertising is conducted in an effective, transparent and efficient way. The new members will help the Government ensure that it achieves best value for the taxpayer when developing advertising and buying advertising and media.

Request for information on Chequers

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Details of costs for entertainment and running of Chequers, and a list of guests who have attended official dinners there are included in a response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, made by Norman Lamb MP.