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Key Facts
Language Official: Eastern Armenian;Others: Western Armenian, Russian, English, French, German, Kurdish, Greek, and Hebrew-Yiddish
Local currency Local currency
Dialling code from UK International code: (374 + 1 - citycode, 374 + 9 - cellular phones)
GDP GDP: US$9.7 billion; GDP per head: US$2800; Inflation: 5.7%


Armenia covers an area of 29,800 square kms - about the size of Belgium - and lies in the south-western part of Transcaucasia an area of land between the Black and Caspian Seas. It has a population of 3.5 million with an estimated 5 million Armenians living outside the country, especially in the United States and France. 1.2m live in the capital city Yerevan. Armenia's dispute with its neighbour Azerbaijan, over Nagorno Karabakh, has continuing implications for trade.

Although Armenia's borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey remain closed, goods are easily transported into the country through Georgia or Iran which is illustrated by the amount of Turkish and foreign goods for sale in the market.

Additional information

Principal Religions

Armenian Orthodox (94%)

Capital City



3.5 million

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