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National Policing Plan 2003-2006

Annex A

The Home Office Public Service Agreements

PSA 1: Reduce crime and the fear of crime; improve performance overall, including by reducing the gap between the highest crime CDRP areas and the best comparable areas; and reduce:

o vehicle crime by 30% from 98-99 to 2004;

o domestic burglary by 25% from 98-99 to 2005;

o robbery in the 10 Street Crime Initiative areas by 14% from 99-00 to 2005;
and maintain that level.

PSA 2: Improve the performance of all police forces, and significantly reduce the performance gap between the best and worst performing forces; and significantly increase the proportion of time spent on frontline duties.

PSA 3: Improve the delivery of justice by increasing the number of crimes for which an offender is brought to justice to 1.2 million by 2005-06; with an improvement in all CJS areas, a greater increase in the worst performing areas and a reduction in the proportion of ineffective trials.

PSA 4: Improve the level of public confidence in the Criminal Justice System, including increasing that of ethnic minority communities, and increasing year on year the satisfaction of victims and witnesses, whilst respecting the rights of defendants.

PSA 5: Protect the public and reduce reoffending by 5%:
o for young offenders;
o for both adults sentenced to imprisonment and adults sentenced to community sentences; and
o maintain the current low rate of prisoner escapes, including Category A escapes.

PSA 6: Reduce the harm caused by drugs by:

o reducing the use of Class A drugs and the frequent use of any illicit drug among all young people under the age of 25 especially by the most vulnerable young people;
o reduce drug related crime, including as measured by the proportion of offenders testing positive at arrest.

PSA 7: Focus the asylum system on those genuinely fleeing persecution by taking speedy, high quality decisions and reducing significantly unfounded asylum claims, including by:

o fast turnaround of manifestly unfounded cases;
o ensuring by 2004 that 75% of substantive asylum applications are decided within 2 months; and that a proportion (to be determined) including final appeal, are decided within 6 months;
o enforcing the immigration laws more effectively by removing a greater proportion of failed asylum- seekers.

PSA 8: To increase Voluntary and Community Sector activity, including increasing community participation, by 5% by 2006.

PSA 9: Bring about measurable improvements in race equality and community cohesion across a range of performance indicators, as part of the Government's objectives on equality and social inclusion.

PSA 10: Increase value for money from the Criminal Justice System, and the rest of the Home Office, by 3%; and ensure annual efficiency gains by the police of at least 2%.

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