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Government Plan for Sport
Our strategy for sport is firmly founded on the principle of increasing participation in sport and physical activity across the whole population. Sport England's new mission and business objectives are very much focussed on that principle.
The Government's Plan for Sport, an action plan for delivery of the vision set out in the Government's sports strategy, the report A Sporting Future for All,  was published in March 2001. Progress towards implementation is reported on annually.
The Government's Plan for Sport - second Annual Report was published in April 2003 - numbers in the main body of the report refer to recommendations in The Government's Plan for Sport.
The Government's Plan for Sport recommended that further work be done in key areas, and separate reports have since been published on
- The Role of Sport in Further and Higher Education (2002) 
In December 2002 Game Plan, a strategy for delivering Government's sport and physical activity objectives, was published by DCMS/the Strategy Unit.  Game Plan provides a broad context and research evidence for sports policy and its 50 recommendations complement and build on those in the Government's Plan for Sport.

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A Sporting Future for All

The Role of Sport in Further and Higher Education

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