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Community Sport

Everyone deserves to have access to the very best sports opportunities. Sport has an important role to play in meeting national health targets and in improving quality of life for all.
An Excellence Framework for Sport and Recreation
DCMS is working with Sport England, the Audit Commission, the Institute of Local Government Studies (Birmingham University), ODPM and local authority officers to develop an Excellence Framework for Sport and Recreation Services.

The Framework has been devised to achieve 3 key objectives:
  • To provide a basis for self-assessment that will enable Sport and Recreation Services to achieve continuous improvement
  • To provide the basis for robust and consistent benchmarking and assessment of Sport and Recreation Services
  • To provide a vehicle through which a national strategy for sports development or national priorities for Sport and Recreation could be developed
The Framework is primarily aimed at Local Government Services. The Framework could also be adapted to apply to other organisations such as Sport Governing Bodies and Sport Partnerships, as well as other Leisure and Cultural functions, or more generically to integrated Leisure Services Departments.

Additional information on the development of the Excellence Framework for Sport and Recreation can be found at the following website:

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