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cultural property

The Department is responsible for protecting cultural objects of outstanding quality for the whole nation, in particular through export controls and the Acceptance of Cultural Objects In Lieu of taxes. 
The Treasure Act 1996 secures historic gold and silver artefacts, found by members of the public, for acquisition by museums and galleries of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so that they may be displayed.  On the same lines, the Portable Antiquities Scheme has ensured the recording of over 100,000 archaeological objects, made as chance finds in England and Wales.
The Government Indemnity Scheme also acts as an insurance scheme for major public exhibitions of artistic, historic, scientific or technological cultural objects.
Cultural Property policy aims to improve access for all by permitting and encouraging the highest quality works of art to remain and be displayed in the United Kingdom.


Arts Minister Estelle Morris has placed a temporary export bar on a painting by Hans Memling, Portrait of a Man in a Black Cap.  [6 July 2004]

Arts Minister Estelle Morris has placed a temporary export bar on a draft C.17TH royal warrant for a unique patent, issued for the invention of `watches with springs'. [16 June 2004]

Arts Minister, Estelle Morris has placed temporary export bars on a rediscovered masterpiece by Francis Bacon and an extremely rare linen doublet from the 1650s. [27 May 2004]

Estelle Morris, Minister for the Arts, has placed a temporary export bar on a painting by Jan Steen entitled The Burgher of Delft and His Daughter, c.1655. [25 May]

A small and extremely rare silver coin bearing an as yet un-deciphered inscription has been temporarily barred from export by Arts Minister, Estelle Morris. [25 May]

Minister for Heritage, Andrew McIntosh, announces that the Government is to ratify the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. [14 May 2004]

Arts Minister, Estelle Morris, has placed a temporary export bar on a rare large-scale oil masterpiece by Richard Parkes Bonington. [6 May 2004]


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facts and figures

8,744 individual export licences were issued for 21,340 individual objects of cultural interest during the period July 2001 to June 2002 totalling 1,148,245,473.

A total of 21 objects of cultural interest were purchased by institutions in 2001-02 after being temporarily barred from export.

Latest available figures for Treasure finds show that 221 finds were reported in 2000. This compares with 223 finds reported in 1999, and confirms the increase in the annual number of finds  since 1997/ 98 (191), the first period for which figures are available.

The Government Indemnity Scheme indemnifies an amazing variety of items ranging from Pissarro's Portrait of Czanne, through a static model of a Ford Focus Fuel Cell vehicle, to the original manuscript of AA Milne's 'Winnie the Pooh'.