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* clamour

CLAMOUR is a European collaborative project which aims to find a better way to classify when collecting and disseminating industrial information & statistics. CLAMOUR means CLAssifications MOdelling and Utilities Research. The purpose of this project is to ensure that, as European countries work closer together, the collection and management of data is consistent. The value is both to the suppliers and to the users of data.

Who are involved?

The project is part of a European Commission research and development programme. Five European Union countries have agreed to participate. These countries are:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

In addition, a private business and a consultant are also participating. The project will aim to produce 28 deliverables which will be of benefit to classification systems across the EU as a whole.

See here for further details on the participants.

Research Activities

The work has been divided into project co-ordination and four areas of research, with additional work packages addressing the ongoing assessment and evaluation of the project and the dissemination and use of its findings. The research areas will be drawn together as recommendations for an overall programme of change. The four research areas are:

The schedule of activity

The project was developed during 1999 and formally accepted by the European Commission in January 2000, work beginning shortly after. The project will produce 28 deliverables over its 2 year life.

About Industrial Classifications

For further information on NACE rev.1, the EU industrial classification system, and SIC(92), the UK system derived from NACE, please see the Introduction to the Standard Industrial Classifications of economic activities - 1992. A full structural listing of SIC(92) can be downloaded from this page.

Please note:

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CLAMOUR feedback

This page last revised: Tuesday, 29 July 2003

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